– Prepaid Wi-Fi for easy and instant connection. No contract. Only simple and affordable data. Get 10GB for R59!- Save every day with Cell C`s deal of the day! Get up to 80% off your data, voice and WhatsApp plans! I called customer service about update issues as the latest update could not display the menu option. Unable to buy data or a language pack with my card, so I have to convert the broadcast time, I can`t record a network error, the widget doesn`t work either, just say please log in to see the balance. Now I get a software update hoping it will be sorted, but nothing has changed just a software number to 7.something. Do you actually listen to your customers or do you just say things about a computer response to make us believe you care? Please solve these problems or I will port my mobile phone C number to a new network with a better app I hear, vodacom allows me to make purchases on istore with Airtime, may be useful for the future, if I am broke, could consider this option. Vodacom. “In the event that the account holder dies and the customer does not have contractual insurance coverage, the normal procedure is to terminate the contract and make a claim against the estate at the expiration of your Cell C contract, you have the option to proceed with the same contract you used and possibly adjusted your expenses. However, the company encourages you to update your device and sign a contract. Please make sure that the new device and contract you are encouraged to make will not put a strain on your finances and that you can easily pay for it.

This means that you can now sign another long-term contract or enter into a short-term contract if you wish. Sometimes it may be necessary to update your device and sign a new contract. Suppliers may impose a reasonable penalty in the event of cancellation. Finally, my contract cancels the challenge, it is terminated and! See the license for a Duke-specific language that governs permissions and restrictions under the license. This puts Cell C in third place after Vodacom and MTN. Lawmakers initially suggested that so-called fixed-term contracts end with their “expiration date,” but the industry wasn`t too enthusiastic about it, so a compromise was found. After doing some homework, she asked the network why she hadn`t received the expiration notification in advance. In response, she received a list of the “notifications” she received, starting with: “Good news, your cell C contract needs to be renewed next month! Check out the latest deals in one of our stores or visit (our website)” followed by 14 SMS messages promoting “good” upgrade offers.

You must be a cell C customer with a contract due for an upgrade to qualify. mrp Mobile. mrp mobile is the first Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) retailer in South Africa to allow customers to upgrade earlier than the 24 months late. Just keep doing what you`re already doing – use your MRP phone and shop at one of the Mr Price Group stores! Using cell C`s customer service number 135 is also another quick way to get your phone number. Just call the number and when a customer service representative comes to pick up, ask for your number. You will check the registration details of your SIM card and if all the details match what they have in their records, your number will be recovered. You may also be interested in upgrading if you have lost your phone or it has been stolen. This often happens in South Africa. We have an article on how to block a stolen phone on mobile phone C.

“In addition to the termination penalty, the Customer will continue to be responsible for all subscription and billing usage fees, . When Lauren Holley of Durban tried to escape her Cell C contract – her “expiration date” – at the end of October, she was told she had not announced her month in time, so she was signed for another month. Alternatives to the Cell C contract termination email address. If you`re having trouble getting your message to the contract termination email address in cell C, there are several ways to tell cell C that you want to terminate the contract. You can reach them via the cell C contract termination number. If the new contract is to enter into force at the end of the current term of the contract, the contractual services do not expire. If the upgrade is immediate, you will not be able to transfer the available minutes during the upgrade. You will lose unused sending times, minutes, SMS packets, as well as data packets that you currently have. Therefore, it is important that you use your sending time, SMS plans, and data packets before upgrading. Vodacom`s installation of the RF (antenna) location at Cell C`s headquarters could launch the process of full buyout of competing prepaid subscribers from mobile operators. Meanwhile, Cell C is trying to appoint a managed service provider to manage its contract with broadband customers.

When upgrading, be sure to inquire about one of our VAS (Value Added Services), such as . B single connection, receiving your mobile phone bills by e-mail, data packets, C-Surance plans or SMS. Be sure to read the terms and conditions applicable to your contract before upgrading. You may download a copy of the Terms and Conditions from our website (www.cellc.co.za) or obtain a copy from one of our approved upgrade stores or outlets. .